Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Do You Make Your Mark? - Mark of Zorro

Mark of Zorro by Visible Fictions company
of Glasgow, Scotland, plays the New Victory
February 8-24
We have been looking forward to seeing Mark of Zorro at the New Victory Theatre all season.  (It's going to be there from February 8-24, and we are seeing it on the 9th!)

It's a combination of AA's fascination with swordfighting/ninjas/adventure/hero stories, and as soon as we saw the poster he was like "Oh Wow, can we see that!"

Which I am more than happy to oblige, as I love to see shows and plays with him.  And especially amazing shows that use puppets and creative ways to keep stuff on the stage.  And if you are a longtime reader of this blog, you will know that I completely will see just about anything that the New Victory presents.

AA's a little young for this, but I got a great engagement idea from the New Victory Theatre.  A way for kids and adults to start a dialogue on how to make a difference in the world and make a mark on their community.

In honor of The Mark of Zorro, performing at the New Vic from February 8 through 24, The New Victory Theater is eager to know how you (their audience) want to leave their stamp on the world.

Just as Zorro’s “Z” stands for justice, they are encouraging the heroes of today (young and old) to send in entries that demonstrates how they leave a mark on the community. What actions can you take to showcase something that they believe is worth fighting for? And what is the symbol of that mark?

Between now and February 24, send the New Vic a photograph or video of your super signature to along with a 1-3 sentence explanation of your mark.

What’s better, by entering the contest participants have a chance to win four tickets to an upcoming performance of The Intergalactic Nemesis. (which by the way, is written and directed by a friend of mine from Austin, TX Jason Neulander!)

More information on the contest as well as examples of how New Vic staff members leave their mark can be found on their Facebook page:!/media/set/?set=a.10151386941133988.507824.30199023987&type=1

And here's a little taste of the video of Mark of Zorro

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