Friday, February 8, 2013

NY City History for Kids

Over at the NYCDadsGroup, where I am one of the group bloggers there, I recently reviewed the book New York City History for Kids. by Richard Panchyk. Panchyck is a New York based author who's written over 23 books, most focusing on history or historical interest.


This book is very liberally and nicely illustrated volume that gives a lot of detail in a kid-friendly way about the people and the places that have made New York City  such a magnet and important world city.  You'll learn lots of interesting facts and some surprising ones as well. And as you walk around your own stomping grounds, you'll get a great sense of who came before you.

Sample page of the book. READ THE FULL REVIEW

Find out more about Panchyck on his website
Buy this book on Amazon:  New York City History for Kids.

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Another Sample Page. READ THE FULL REVIEW

Another Sample Page. READ THE FULL REVIEW

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