Sunday, March 10, 2013

T-Ball time!

English: A right-handed tee ball player swings...
A right-handed tee ball player swings at a ball on the tee. Photo taken by Vinnie Ahuja (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's time to sign up for T-ball!  

My son has been wanting to play baseball for a long time.  We go out and hit the whiffle ball whenever it's nice out.  He's got a surprisingly good eye for the ball, and a strong arm.  So we definitely decided that he should try t-ball when he was old enough.

We asked a bunch of friends from school if they wanted to join in, but they've got other stuff going on on Saturday mornings,

I don't remember playing t-ball as a child- I think I started in what was then Sunday league, where any kid that wanted to play could play, but there was still pitching involved. We moved up to a farm league (CLCF) , and then finally little league.  I was not bad-- I'm left-handed, and I started as a first baseman, a third baseman, and then a secondbase man (Despite being left handed)  I was not fast, but my arm was accurate and I was a smart player and a pretty good hitter.  I even ended up playing all-stars a couple of years. (Ah, my glory days!)

Here, after t-ball the next level up is Dad's Pitch, then Little League Minors, then Little League Majors.

We had choices, as there seem to be three local t-ball leagues in our neck of the woods.

South Riverdale- they have a website- and they were very responsive t myresponsive email

North Riverdale-- doesn't have a website-- unresponsive to emails. (and I had to find the email via the Little League site, and I have no idea if it's good)
 I assume kids play for the team, but I didn't know who to talk to.

Yonkers- website, didn't query them.

Although we live in Yonkers, we ended up going with South Riverdale for two reasons:

1) he goes to a pre-K in Riverdale, and if he has any friends playing, they will probably be Riverdale kids.
2) Where the Yonkers kids play is actually further from our house then where the Riverdale kids play.

Maybe next year, when he's in the Yonkers school system, we'll move him over, if he's interested.

English: A tee ball coach setting the lineup a...
A tee ball coach setting the lineup
 before the start of a game. .
 Photo taken by Vinnie Ahuja
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I agreed to volunteer to be an assistant coach.  As I've never coached baseball before, I don't feel like I'm ready to be the coach directly.  (I know how to play of course, but I don't think I'm ready for that level of commitment.)

 I have to say, in some ways, I'm more nervous about being an assistant coach as I am about him playing t-ball.  (Even though the releases you have to sign for it basically agree that when they take your son to the hospital because the ball was actually a grenade, you don't have a legal leg to stand on.)

My wife has agreed to work the concessions stand for at least one game.

Hopefully it will be a lot of fun!

Season starts April 6 with a parade!
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Anonymous said...

kargstiSounds like it will be a real family affair.
I loved Little League as a kid. Unfortuantely, my kids are not sports oriented.
Anyway, good luck as coach and parent.

Kevin McKeever said...

We skipped T-ball. I love baseball but even I thought T-ball was boring for the kids. Nonetheless, if your boy is into it, go for it. As for coaching, Cal Ripken Jr. and Little League Baseball have some good books on it with sections broken down into stuff for little kids. My advice: keep the kids active. Break up into small groups with a few practicing hitting, a few throwing or running bases, a few fielding. Nothing worse for young kids then having them stand around, waiting. Contact me offline if you need specific recommendations. K


Thanks for the tips K. Truthfully I'd be happier if they turned me down as an assistant coach.

He's not ready for regular ball, and he wants to play now, so better to play T-ball now then to be pining, wishing he could play. Apparently, they end every session with a game, so he'll get on the field.

(And I might take you up on your offer of advice!)