Saturday, September 14, 2013

Underwear is fun to wear, but hard to parse.

My wife calls down-- "Hey, comic book guy" (for thus am I ever known in our household)
 "Which character has a Yellow "V" in the Justice League?"

Now I'm not a big fan of DC, but I should know this.  And she is certainly inquiring because we just bought the bear some Justice League undies.  

After ascertaining it wasn't the Yellow Flash, I started racking my brain.  Wonder Woman has W's, and besides, what is she doing on boy's underwear?  (Hey now!)

I start thinking of potential Super heroes, Captain Victory?  No.  Is there some lame superhero I don't know about ?  Probably.

 Being a true comic book guy, I turned to the Internet.   It turns out we weren't the only befuddled ones.  There are hundreds of blogposts asking this same question.

And it's Aquaman's upside down  A symbol!

Underwear may be fun to wear, but its hard to parse.


luv.avery.and.miles said...

Ok... I found it Justice League of America symbol

Here is where I found it.

Unknown said...

Lol, this had me laughing as a similar situation just played out in my house.