Friday, October 25, 2013

The Process of Answering

I have a blogpost up on the Digital Family Summit blog about the importance of Subjective Questions.

It was sparked by a blogpost at the New Victory Theatre blog, where they asked a bunch of kids How Old Is Too Old for Playing Make Believe.

 The kids (all sixth graders at the Epiphany Schoolin Manhattan) range in thought all over the place. Some kids said you should never play make believe- some kids say you are never too old to stop.  And some kids thought 11– definitely 11.  READ ALL OF THE ANSWERS HERE.

The wonderful thing about the post is not necessarily the answers, and not even the question (although both are great)  The really wonderful thing is the answering.  Kids being asked a question to which there is no one answer, reasoning it out for themselves, supporting their thought with arguments, logic, faith, passion, belief, and perhaps even a little bit of humor.   This is what we are training our kids brains for– asking questions to which there is no right answer, and letting them figure it out for themselves.

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