Saturday, March 28, 2015

I am Already a Winner! (Dove Men+ Care edition)

Last month at the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, something remarkable happened to me.

I didn't have an epiphany that I should give it all up and join the circus (no, that happened years earlier-- if anything I am trying to run away from the circus, but they keep finding me!)

Nor did I make a love connection (happily married, thank you very much)

I didn't even make some lifelong friends (well, actually I did, but that's not the point of this particular story.)

I won a prize!

I've probably been to 15 blogger conferences of various sorts, where they've given out hundreds of prizes.  But I never won anything until today.  Unlike my friend Lorne Jaffe, who has probably won at least one prize at every conference I've ever attended with him.

But somehow, I managed to win one of the door prizes from DoveMen+Care!  (But don't feel bad for Lorne, he managed to win one also!)

Well, this morning my prize arrived in the mail.  It's the Dad's Bedtime ToolKit, filled with a bunch of cool gifts.

Here's the unboxing sequence!


My son is 6 and well past sleep training, but we do have some 18 month old twin cousins (and my sister in law) who are going to enjoy the sleep training light tremendously.  And a giant mag-lite, has always been on my wish list.

And a big red toolbox (my old toolbox is a little beat up to put it nicely.)

And of course, a $50 Amazon card will ALWAYS come in handy.

Also for my fellow activist dads-- please note that the Amazon card they sent me is just for Dads.  So we are not ENTIRELY left out of the equation-- but I am still a big supporter of #amazon family!)

Anyway, thanks DoveMen+ Care and Dad 2.0 Summit for the prize.  I love it!  All of it!

(And next year I want an Apple SmartWatch!  You've whet my appetite for winning and created a monster!)


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