Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sliced Toast

Toast was a new food for my son, age 6.
I told you he was picky!
As devout readers of this blog know, my son is one of the pickiest eaters in the world. He isn't completely adverse to eating (his cousin, on the other hand, seems to exist solely on tiny amounts of plain pasta, and healthy amounts of air.) He just likes what he likes and he doesn't like anything else.

Getting him to try new foods is a trial and tribulation. So a couple of days ago, I was absolutely delighted when he agreed to try toast- and he liked it!

Well, he didn't ACTUALLY agree. He hadn't been feeling well, (complaining that his stomach hurt him) and he'd been farting a lot, and so it was plain foods for dinner.

We had some rice in the fridge and we had some bread, and I said, half-heartedly, "Hey what about some toast?"  He said no.  (Expected response)

But I am intrepid. I cut a piece of bread in half, toasted half of it in an effort to force his hand, and put it on his plate.  I then continued making my dinner. When I looked up again, both pieces of bread were gone!  Guess what?  He ate it!

So I said,  "How was your toast?"
He said "Great!  Can I have some more?"
I fell on the floor. Vindication!

He ate 3 slices of plain toast, and I was feeling pretty good about myself.  (And his stomach issue seems to have gone away. )

So the next day, after eating his snack (chocolate chip cookies and blueberries) , he said, "Dad, I'm still hungry, can I have some toast?"  I said "Sure!"

But I had a secret plan.

I toasted a slice of bread, and when it was done, cut it in half, and put a tiny bit of butter on one piece.  It was a little obvious, so I put it butter side down on the plate.

He could tell there was butter on it right away.
Did I mention he doesn't like butter? Or peanut butter? Or jam? Or maple syrup? Or ketchup, or mustard or hot sauce or anything that adulterates/compliments his food? The only composed food he will eat is cheese pizza.

And by doesn't like, I of course mean "refuses to try."

My hope was that he'd eat both of the slices and say, "Dad this one was extra delicious!"

He ate the non-buttered piece first.  I ignored him, trying hard not to look his way as he stepped into my carefully laid trap.

He took a bite of the second piece and said "Dad!"

 I looked up at him hopefully.

"There's something on this toast!  I'm not eating it."

And alas, my brilliant plan failed. Foiled by a smart and stubborn kid with a fairly sensitive palate.

I dared too much too soon.

One step at a time.  One step at a time.

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