Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Pop Ups New Animated Series Launches Today!

Brooklyn-based, twice Grammy-nominated band The Pop Ups  are launching a new web series on their YouTube channel starting today.  The series features 4-6 minute edu-taining videos that touch on different subjects.  They all engender a sense of wonder

There will be five videos that are available today:

Box of Crayons - This animated series teaches kids how to write different letters. The first video focuses on O's, with Ollie the Owl.

Make it a Puppet – Kids learn about their world through objects around them.The Pop Ups turn everyday objects into puppets to answer questions about the world.The first episode is focused on a houseplant and the process of photosynthesis.

What's That Smell? - A cooking show with Chef and her sidekick DJ, Glen where viewers learn about the world through the lens of FOOD. The first one is about the color yellow.

Music video -- Animated videos based on Pop Ups hit songs. The first one is "Robot Dance."

Sock Puppet Orchestra -- Jason and Jacob sing and play along with their puppet friends and learn something new every day. The debut video explores "Body Parts."

New content will then start rolling out regularly beginning on June 10th.

To listen to Pop-Ups Music, click the albums below:

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