Thursday, January 14, 2016

Working out- 2016 Edition

I'm trying not to freak out, but I need to exercise more.

I know, I know, it's the New Year, and just about everybody and their mother is saying the same thing.  I usually try to avoid the gym this time of year for just that reason.  (Although, if truth be told, which it must be, I've been avoiding the gym for the last few months)

I'd been biking quite a bit when it was warmer, but now that it's reached the single digits, I'm less intrepid about it.  And between that and the holiday pecan pie I indulged myself in, I need to move.

We recently got a recumbent bike donated to us from my father-in-law, and I've dutifully ensconsed it downstairs in the basement.   It's been sitting there, taunting me, saying something along the lines of "Hey Fatso! Betcha can't ride me!"

Day 1:  Beginner workout. 30 minutes Intensity
I have a long and storied history of working out, and have been sporadic in my attempts over the years.  When I have gotten going, I've been religious about it.  At one point I would do cardio for an hour, then play basketball or swim.

But life kind of got in the way, and once I stopped, I ended  taking that as my religion also.  (what can I say I'm religious!)

My latest in a series of plans is to wake up, take my son to school, then come back and get on the exercise bike for 30 minutes.  I can listen to music or a podcast and work out.  After that, shower, breakfast etc.  And once I get going, maybe even go to the gym.  My hope is that 30 minutes on the bike will be a baseline from which I can build.

Today is Day 2 of 2.  On day 1 (yesterday) I did the beginner's workout using  the Intensity setting. Day 2 I did the intermediate intervals workout,which I liked a little bit better.  I'm going to play around with the settings, and continue to grow.

I'll probably record these here for my edification, so if you are uninterested, please feel free to skip over.

Let's see how long this religious streak lasts.

Day 2: Intermediate workout Intervals 30 minutes

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