Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mr. Dadapalooza Goes to Washington #Dad2summit

As I've done in years past, I'm going to be attending the Dad 2.0 Summit in Washington DC this weekend.  I've attended every year they've had it.  I think it's the best blogging conference that I attend (and I've attended quite a few over the years, although I've been slowing down the last couple of years.)

You can read my roundups and takeaways of previous conferences, but I think it's the best primarily because of the size.  It's small enough that you (and by this I mean me) can really make connections with other bloggers and with brand representatives.  I'm not a blogger with a huge following-- I have a couple of hundred loyal followers, but it's not like I'm a blogging celebrity.  And I'm not writing this blog to make money.  I make a little here and there, but most of what I make goes into either the hosting costs or attending conferences like this!)

 I write to share my ideas and opinions, and to bond with other families who might be interested in engaging in conversation.  And this conference is great for that.

The content is good at the conference, but it's pretty good at all the conferences.
(Here's the Program :

  The big difference for me is that of course this is aimed at me directly as a dad.  (Most of the blogger conferences are aimed at women-- there's a huge disconnect sometimes in the message.)

Just some of the great Dad Bloggers I've met through Dad 2.0.  I'm in the Green Jacket 4th from the right.
There's also a social element, and I look forward to seeing these guys who I have met and hung out with multiple times over the years.  I've made some real friends at the conference.

I'm also looking forward to meeting new guys, so if you are new to the conference, please stop me  and say Hi!

Of course, a conference like this needs SPONSORS.  The conference cost would be a lot more (and probably a lot less interesting) if the sponsors didn't show up.

Below is the list of BRANDS/SPONSORS who will be in attendance: (some of them are in-kind sponsors or media sponsors- I think that means they didn't pay anything to attend, which is perfectly okay with me, as long as they are bringing something of value to the conversation.)

Many of these brands are in it for the long haul.  They've sponsored multiple years, they've really tried to engage with dads and issues around being a dad,  and they are in general good people.

If you're already a fan of these brands, give them some twitter love, and if you don't yet know them, get to know them. They are on the side of the good guys, and dads everywhere will thank you.  (At least this dad will!)

See you at the conference!

Dove Men+Care #RealStrength @DoveMenCare
Kia Motors #KIADAD @KIA
Meta #Heart2Heart @MetaHealth
Best Buy #BestDads @BestBuy
Lee Jeans #LeeEdge @LeeJeans
hello products #BrushtimeConfessions @helloproducts
Rheem #RheemReady @RheemComfort
Domain.ME #MentorME @DomainME
Kidde Fire Safety #StepUpStandOut @KiddeSafety
MemoryWeb #Dad2MemoryWeb @MemoryWeb
Nickelodeon #NickDad @NickelodeonTV
Responsibility[dot]org #Responsibility @GoFAAR
Restonic Mattress #DADrest @RestonicBeds
SmartyPants Vitamins #SmartyDad @SmartyHealth
YouTube  #YouTubeDads @YouTube
Embassy Suites @EmbassySuites
General Mills @GeneralMills
Hashtracking @Hashtracking
Smack Apparel @SmackApparel


Esquire @Esquire
City Dads Group @CityDadsGroup
Fatherly @FatherlyHQ
Life of Dad @LifeOfDadShow


Camp Kesem @CampKesem
National At-Home Dad Network @HomeDadNet

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