Friday, February 26, 2016

SchoolHouse Rock Live at the Apollo

It turns out this will be a busy week for us, culture wise.

 I already posted about the show we are going to see on Sunday [The Explorers Club].

Well, it turns out that we got invited on Saturday, February 26 to the Opening Day celebration of Emerald City Theatre's SchoolHouse Rock Live, billed as a "Rock and Roll Rumpus"

The show, which is a distillation of some of the best songs of the Emmy Award winning 1970's television series,  is performing at the Apollo Theatre at 2540 North Lincoln Avenue through June 5.

We're pretty excited about it! We've seen a number of Emerald City shows previously, and they've always been high quality.

We are big fans of SchoolHouse Rock, and often play the songs around the house.  Some of our favorites are of course Three Is A Magic NumberConjunction Junction, and I'm Just A Bill. But there are tons of great songs from the series.

The show will run approximately 50 minutes long. They are billing it as appropriate for ages 3-13, which is a very wide age range.

Tickets are available online via TICKETMASTER.  Tickets range in price from $10-$25.  You can also call the Box Office directly to avoid the online fees  773.935.6100.

 To find out more about the show, visit the Emerald City Website: SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE

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