Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fitness Goal for March: 30 Minutes every day

I used to be in shape.

Oh don't get me wrong, I've always been a big guy.  Nobody ever looked at me and said, "My how lithe you are looking today!"  From the moment  I started attending school, I was always the second biggest kid in class.

And I always felt fat.

Looking back, I see myself as skinny, but perhaps that's just because I'm that much fatter now.

You can see my previous March Fitness Checkins here:

And even ten years ago, I was still pretty flexible and pretty strong.  I could do pushups and almost a pullup, and a handstand, and a few other things.  I've lost most of that now, partially to disuse, partially to age, and partially to cheeseburgers.

I'm not going to cry in my beer about how fat I am.  As Marley says to Scrooge, "I forged these chains in life."  My weight is a direct result of my love for food (and more than a little an insatiable appetite, and probably some deep seated emotional things that I don't even know are going on.)

The why of my weight is not what I am going to focus on this month.

A few months ago we got a recumbent bicycle, and I've been fairly regular about doing the recumbent bike.  I want to get more regular.

I'm making a pledge to myself to do 30 minutes a day on the bike.  I'm trying for 7 days a week, but I'll shoot for 6.  I don't think I'm travelling anywhere this month, so I just need to find the time in my day to do it.

Every day, I'll post the image (below) which is how many calories I burned/how many miles I went on the recumbent bike that day.

I'm posting it here to keep myself honest and accountable.

Rather than clutter up my blog with posts everyday, I'm just re-editing this post everyday.

If I keep on doing something everyday, who knows, maybe it will turn into a habit!

March 1: 7.02 miles,268 calories.
This was on the 30 min INTENSITY setting
March 2: 7.571 miles, 273 calories
This was on the 30 min. FAT BURN setting
March 3, 2nd workout.
6.463 miles, 225 calories.
30 minutes on the Incline fat burn setting.
Not at a particularly fast pace.
(I watched a show while pedaling)

March 3, 5.549 miles,  185 cals, 20 minutes.
I didn't have enough time to do 30 minutes
in the morning, so I did it in the evening.
This was the beginner Intensity 20 minute

March 4 7.555 miles, 271 calories, 30 minutes.
Incline 30 min beginner.
I sprinted on minutes 24, 14, 4 (counting down)

March 5 Saturday 8.027 miles, 253 calories
30 minutes Beginner Intensity Pyramid
I sprinted on the 4's (24,14,4)

March 6 Sunday 7.992 miles, 289 calories
30 minutes Beginner Incline
I sprinted at 25,16,4, and 1 (counting down)

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