Monday, April 11, 2016

EARWORM: Lisa Loeb at Old Town School of Folk Music

One of the first indie/kindie musicians to hit it big, musician and philanthropist Lisa Loeb will be appearing at the Old Town School of Folk Music this Sunday.  She appears in town as part of the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival (CIMMFEST)  (If you don't know about CimmFest, visit our previous post about it. )

She'll be performing two shows, an 11 am kids show and a 7 pm adult show.

Get Tickets Here for the children’s show.
Get Tickets Here for the grown up show.

Her latest album for kids, Nursery Rhyme Parade! is produced as an Amazon Music Original.  It features Lisa's take on over 35 classic kid's songs and lullabies, including songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hickory Dickory Dock, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and tons of others.

 I say "take" but they are really pretty classic renditions of these songs, easy for kids to learn and sing along to.  As you might expect, she's got a lovely voice and these well-known classics are inviting and easy on the ears.  Lisa's own kids appear on the album as well.

I just spent a little time listening to them with my now 7 year old son, who is at home sick today.  I think normally he might rebel against listening to these songs (he so wants to be a teenager right now) but he found some comfort in listening to these beautifully done classics (in between bouts of being sick to his stomach)

Purchase or listen to the album on Amazon.
The music calmed him down so he could get to sleep. Which is how I'd get him to sleep when he was a baby.  And believe me, Lisa sounds a lot better than me.

If you have Amazon Prime, most of the music is available with Amazon Music.  If not, you can sample and listen and buy the album online

Her adult show at  7 pm will also feature singer songwriter  Chris Corsale.

Tickets are available online at Old Town School of Folk Music
Get Tickets Here for the children’s show.
Get Tickets Here for the grown up show.

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