Saturday, April 8, 2017


Over on my clown blog, I reviewed the latest and greatest circus show to hit Chicago: Cavalia's Odysseo.

You can read my full review over on that site, but the long and the short of it is,  you should see it.  It's a type of circus that you probably have not seen before- it's focused on horses and acrobats and music and sumptuous visuals.  The horses are so beautiful and strong and powerful and individual.  You definitely feel like the horses are individuals that enjoy performing. And the performers are amazing as well. And the set is just astonishing.

They bill themselves as the Best Show Ever, and while I am not willing to concede that, it is a very fine show.  As I told a friend of mine, it's like a beautiful gypsy horse opera.

Here's a promo video from when the show first opened.:

There's a VIP option, that gives you a pre-show buffet, and a tour of the stables after the show that is pretty great.

The show is at Soldier Field in a giant tent, and runs through April 23.
Purchase tickets and get more information about the show here:
These photos were taken on the opening night of Odysseo, and provided to me by their PR team.

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