Friday, September 8, 2017

Okee Dokee Brothers Add 2nd show! Chicago Sept 23

Due to the 11 am show selling out, Old Town School of Folk Music has added another show for the Grammy award winning duo The Okee Dokee Brothers.

 I've extolled the Okee Dokee brothers (Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing, not actually brothers) before (when their book Can You Canoe came out).

I'm a big fan of their music and their style of music:  A little bit folk, a little bit pop, but full of life and the wonders of having adventures.  And perfect for the whole family!

The Okee Dokee brothers aren't really brothers,
but they have a lot of fun outside!
Since that time they've won a Grammy, had an interstitial series on Kid's Place Live, and have continued to create music, write songs, and encourage kids and their families to get creative and get outdoors.

Now you've got a chance to see them live on stage, and it's well worth bringing your family, plunking down your credit card and having some fun.

Saturday, September 23 at 1:30 pm 
Old Town School of Folk Music,
4544 N Lincoln Avenue in Chicago
Tickets: $14 general
More info/Purchase online: OLD TOWN SCHOOL OF FOLK MUSIC

Find out more about the brothers at

And here are some Amazon links to get you ready for the show!

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