Friday, October 13, 2017

Brainwashing Myself: Candy Is Poison, Cookies are Poison!

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 For the last few weeks I have been baking cookies for my son, because this kid LOVES cookies, and it turns out that fresh-baked cookies are more delicious than store-bought cookies, and baking them is cheaper than buying them!  

And that's even true when you use the Nestle's Toll House ready to bake trays from the refrigerated section, which is what I did.  (No this is not a sponsored post, but Nestle's, if you are listening, I'm happy to talk! Although I have a feeling that if you read the title of this post, we are probably NOT ready to make a deal!)

Anyway, the biggest problem with baking these cookies is that they are delicious, and I want to eat them. And I really shouldn't.    I could literally scarf down half the cookies if I set my mind to it, and the last 3 times I've made the cookies, I've probably eaten about half of them.

This time, I'm trying a new tact.  I've put the cookies in a plastic tupperware, but I've added a little creative sign that will hopefully remind me not to dip my hand in the cookie jar. (See below)

I'm not saying that all candy is poison, or that cookies are poison.  I clearly don't think so as
a) I love candy and cookies
b) I'm feeding them to my kid

The new cookie sign I made for myself.
I think that cookies and candy and soda and bacon and everything else that is sinfully delicious is good in moderation.  But my problem is that moderation is not an easy word for me to stick to.  I'm more of an over the limits kind of guy. And it's taken me a good long time to accept that about myself.

And the truth is that candy is like a poison for me.

  Yes it tastes good, but it doesn't do me any health favors, and is probably doing me harm.  (fatter/shorter/lifespan/etc.)

I think I do get some emotional sustenance from biting into the cookie, but it's definitely contributing to my  mass. Caloric overload.

 I'm overweight, and I need to stop eating sugar.

 When/If I ever get to my goal weight (some 80 lbs from now) we can talk.  And Nestle's, I'm happy to entertain an ambassadorship anytime. 

What creative ways are you using to stop yourself from eating unhealthy things?  Put them in the comments, please!

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