Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dads Doing Good and Making A Difference.

I put out a call recently on one of dad blogger groups to see if any of my dad blogging friends are doing charity work or donating time in their community.  I was frankly blown away by the response that I got.  Despite everything else that dad bloggers are doing --writing blogposts, changing dirty diapers, doing copious amounts of laundry, cleaning up toys and making meals and snacks for the family, they still are finding time to do good in their community as well.

It's not always big things.  Some of the folks are doing something as simple as participating in races to raise money for causes, others are participating in their PTA, or donating some time to a charity.  Many of the dads are on boards of non-profits, and a few of them have run for political office or even started non-profits.  Many of the guys formerly worked for non-profits, or are working for them now.

I'm not slouching particularly myself (I recently joined the board of the Edgewater Development Corporation to help support small retail businesses in my neighborhood, I am a participant in discussions of the curriculum and marketing at my son's Sunday school, I administer a small family fund that my mom set up when she died to integrate arts into academics in Rhode Island, and I have taken over the facebook and website of our school's PTA. )  I say this not to TOTALLY toot my own horn, but to say it's possible and necessary to give back a little, even though sometimes those small commitments can add up.

I had nearly 40 responses to my request, and I posted a handful of these just to give you an idea of the scope.  These are just a few of the bloggers/dads that I know that are doing good.  Also, you should note that this is not the sum total of what these guys do.  I am sure that they are also doing other good stuff.  This is just what they are organized about!

 If you know somebody else or would like to add your name to this list- put it in the comments below!


Aaron Del Mar holds political office in Cook County. He also has a business helping non-profits plan fundraising events. which specializes in event planning, promotions, and marketing for fundraising events for non-profits. He also started a great non-profit called Fathers Helping Fathers, which gives free legal advice to dads in danger of losing custody to their children.
Victor Aragon Victor runs for charity and recently became an ambassador for the St. Jude's Heroes program
City Dads Group The City Dads Group (over 30 chapters strong) organizes lots of ways for dads to give back, which does a lot of good stuff, including hosting Lemonade stands for Alex's Lemonade Stand, food drives for Good+ foundation , fielding a giant Movember team, and a lot more.
Chris Lewis is on his local school board.
Whit Honea Whit works with Charlie Capen and Carter Gaddis on Dads 4 Change, a website that helps showcase great projects and causes for dads to support.
Michael Moebes is on the board of a local theater, the local bar association, his law school’s health law society, and the local conservancy (overseas creation of parks /greenspace)
Buzz Bishop Buzz has been running half marathons to help extinguish diabetes. By the end of the year he will have raised over $100,000 lifetime!
Jeff Bogle and Brent Almond administer the Oren Miller scholarship program for Dad 2.0 Summit, which gives first time attendees who need a boost the chance to attend Dad 2.0.
Creed Anthony is a middle school teacher.
Kevin McKeever Each year, Kevin (of Always Home and UnCool)  raises money for Juvenile Myositis (Cure JM Foundation) 
David Stanley is a Jewish guy teaching high school science in an Islamic academy.  He also wrote a book about his battle with melanoma.
Chris Bernholdt is an art teacher.
Jim Higley is one of the head honchos at Camp Kesem, a non-profit that gives free camp to kids impacted by cancer .


Paula Kiger said...

Very cool -- and I had a connection with Chris Lewis when I was a freelancer with Weaving Influence -- small world!


Yes! That Chris Lewis is an amazing networker. He is very plugged in!

jhon said...
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Kevin McKeever said...

Thanks for the shout out, Adam.