Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween-- The Blonde Bond

Here's my son as The Blonde Bond.  (Note the Martini glass, an essential element to any Bond costume)

During the evening he later decided that he was John Wick, but we know who he really was for Halloween.

"The Name is Bond.  Blonde Bond."

I think in the first photo (to the left) he looks more like a Bond villain.   All he needs is a nice little white cat....!

We had a weird moment when he was describing the costume to me and what he would wear, one of the big attractions was getting to bring his nerf gun.  He said to me "But we need to get some paint and some tape to make it black and look like a real gun."  I had to make it ABUNDANTLY clear that running around on Halloween (or anytime) with something that looks like a real gun is devoutly to be avoided.  In fact, if anything, I wanted to make his Nerf gun look MORE fake!

He and his friends had a good time, and grabbed a lot of candy even though it was pretty cold out there.  Pretty much nobody guessed who he was, but that's okay.  We have a bunch more Bond films to watch before he gets ALL the mannerisms right!

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