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Chicago Jewish Film Festival- Through March 15

The 7th annual JCC Chicago Jewish Film Festival runs through March 15 at venues across the city and suburbs.

In 2020, the JCC Chicago Jewish Film Festival will present films at the following venues

Tickets range from   $11 to $15, and are available at the cinemas directly.

This year the festival will have featured over 90 screenings of over 50 films, with more than 17,000 film lovers expected to be in attendance.

This is the last week of the festival, and there are 15 films available for viewing, many making their Midwest premieres.  Here are the ones that I think would be particularly interesting.  There is a good mix between documentaries and dramas.


Box For Life, a documentary about the boxing program in Auschwitz.

The Samuel Project, featuring Hal Linden, about a boy getting to know his grandfather.
What Will Become of Us, a documentary about the founder of the Westfield Shopping Center Company, which brings
up questions of legacy

How About Adolf, a drama/comedy about what happens when you want to name your son Adolf.

Many of the films have special events associated with them, featuring talks with the filmmaker or other goodies.
I've listed all of the films below, with links.
For a full view by calendar visit this URL:

Full film list

And if you want to really study up on the films, the JCC has their virtual program book available online:

For more information,visit


The Samuel Project

Date: 3/11/20 @ 7:00 pm
Eli (Ryan Ochoa) gets to know his grandfather Samuel (Hal Linden) for the
 first time when he makes him the subject of an animated art project for school.
With dreams of becoming a professional artist, the high school senior discovers...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

The Interpreter

Date: 3/13/20 @ 7:00 pm
An 80-year-old translator, Ali Ungár, comes across a book written by a former
SS officer recounting his war experiences in Slovakia. Ali realizes that one of
 the chapters may well describe his own parents’ execution. And so, armed with...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

My Polish Honeymoon

Date: 3/13/20 @ 7:00 pm
Anna and Adam, a young Parisian couple with Jewish origins, are about to travel
 to Poland for the first time. They are just married and technically speaking this will
 be their honeymoon. They will attend a ceremony in memory...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

An Impossible Love

Date: 3/13/20 @ 7:00 pm
At the end of the 1950s, Rachel, a young office clerk living in a provincial town,
meets Philippe, a well-educated man from a wealthy family. They share an intense
but short-lived romance, from which a daughter is born. Over...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

What Will Become of Us

Date: 3/14/20 @ 1:00 pm
Sir Frank Lowy, having been knighted in late 2017, is one of Australia’s
wealthiest with a net worth of over six billion U.S. dollars. The long-time
 Chairman and co-founder of Westfield Corporation, a multinational
shopping center company with nearly...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

Anna’s War

Date: 3/14/20 @ 1:00 pm
Anna is six years old and hides herself in a disused fireplace of a Nazi
commandant’s office. From there she views the war and life passing by.
The threat of discovery is constant. Her ingenuity, the items left behind...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival


Date: 3/14/20 @ 1:00 pm
Cyber harassment has spread from computer screens to the most intimate corners
 of women’s lives. From the producer of the award-winning documentary Bully,
 Netizens follows three women who are targets of harassment, privacy invasions
 and threats of violence.


Film Info Director: Cynthia Lowen Documentary 2019,...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

Box For Life

Date: 3/14/20 @ 3:00 pm
Noah Klieger was the last living survivor of the boxing team of Auschwitz and
the oldest still active journalist in the world. In between, he saw from close up
 and survived many of the defining events of the 20th century,...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

Saul & Ruby, To Life!

Date: 3/14/20 @ 3:00 pm
Saul (94, drummer) and Ruby (90, accordion), are both Holocaust survivors and musicians
 with an insatiable lust for life, who formed The Holocaust Survivor Band, the first of its kind.
 They dream to one day perform their music in...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

After Munich

Date: 3/14/20 @ 3:15 pm
The world watched live on television as the Palestinian terrorist group
Black September stormed the Israeli athletes’ quarters at the 1972 Munich Olympics,
taking eleven hostages that they would later kill.
Four women: an athlete, a widow, and two undercover...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

The Mover

Date: 3/14/20 @ 5:00 pm
This award-winning Latvian feature film offers a gripping account of Žanis Lipke,
 a blue-collar worker honored as one of the ‘Righteous Among the Nations’
 for his heroic deeds during the war. Despite his family’s hardship under
successive Soviet and...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

A Bag of Marbles

Date: 3/14/20 @ 5:30 pm
The true story of two young Jewish brothers in German occupied France who,
with a mind-boggling mix of mischievousness, courage and ingenuity,
are forced to fend for themselves in order to survive the enemy invasion
 and try to bring their...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

Upside Down Tree

Date: 3/14/20 @ 5:30 pm
Eva is a Jewish girl who was orphaned during World War II and raised by a
 Ukrainian peasant. When a mysterious woman presents herself as her mother
and wants to take the girl to Israel, Eva is torn. Eventually she...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

Extra Innings

Date: 3/14/20 @ 7:00 pm
Set against the enchanting backdrop of 1960s Brooklyn, this is the story of a young
man who is caught between pursuing his dream and staying devoted to his Syrian
Jewish family, which is afflicted with mental illness.
Continue the conversation...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

How About Adolf?

Date: 3/14/20 @ 7:15 pm
What should have been a fun evening quickly gets out of hand when
Thomas announces he and his pregnant girlfriend are planning to
name their son Adolf. This scandalous news leads to bitter confrontation,
 with all kinds of secrets...
 JCC Jewish Film Festival

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