Tuesday, March 24, 2020

SPONSORED: Quick And Easy Style

PLEASE NOTE:  This post was paid for by StitchFix.   They are helping to keep the lights on (and men just a little bit more stylish) during these tough times.  Please check them out, and mention you saw the post on Dadapalooza!  Thanks!

Making your outfits more stylish doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. Sure, if you have the time, it might be great to go for a hair cut or shop for a new wardrobe of clothes. But you can still have an impact on how you look by following these quick and easy style tips.

Clean Your Shoes

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You can use a simple water and dish soap solution to keep your shoes looking fresh and new.  If you can't get rid of old stains, try scrubbing them with an old toothbrush. Additionally, remember to change worn laces as well so your footwear stays smart for long.

Match Two Things Together

This simple styling rule is a great way to smarten your outfits. The idea is that you include two pieces in your outfit that match. For example, pair a brown belt with your brown leather shoes, or a gray tie with your gray slacks. You can apply this rule to more than one pair in your outfit. If you're getting dressed on a cold day, for instance, you might pair a cardigan and polo shirt in the same color, and your brown shoes and belt to create a classy look.

Tuck Your Shirts

Tucking your shirts or T-shirts into your pants can give your outfit a neat and fine-tuned appearance. What's more, you can switch it up a bit by using different tucking methods. For instance, you can try tucking the front of your T-shirt into your pants for a slightly more casual front tuck. For a business casual look, tuck your shirt into your slacks all the way around.

Dress up an Outfit With a Blazer

If you've spent much money on a good suit for the office, why not make use of it on the weekend too? You can pair your suit jacket with a shirt and jeans to create a smart casual look for a night out. Alternatively, you might want to contrast your smart suit jacket with a T-shirt for a cool high-low mix.

Turn Up Your Jeans

If your jeans are looking worn at the bottom, turn up the hem to rescue the denim. This tip has the added advantage of allowing you to show off the socks you're wearing, so why not choose a colorful or patterned pair to add a twist to your look?

Getting a Personal Stylist

A personal stylist can provide you with helpful advice on developing your perfect look. In addition, they save you much time rummaging through stores because they can pick out items of clothing to suit you. That's time and energy you can put to good use while your personal stylist works on honing your looks as you get on with your busy life.

At Stitch Fix, your personal stylist will ask you for your measurements and style preferences when you sign up. Then, they'll select clothes to suit your needs and size. After you've received your items and tried them on, you can return anything you don't want to keep for free. You'll only need to pay for the items you buy.

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I always forget that StitchFix isn't just for women! Definitely remembering this for my husband who would love a StitchFix style update when he's able to resume working out of the house. Thanks!