Monday, March 16, 2020

Writing Every Day!

I am apologizing in advance- I do not intend for this blog to become Coronapalooza.
But it's what is on my mind today.

As I mentioned a couple of times on the blog so far, my intent for the month of March was to write a blog post every day.  It was advice that I received from a pretty savvy blogger and blog marketer Julie Nowell of (among other projects) BluntMoms.    Since March 1, I have written a blog post on this blog every day.  (You may have noticed an uptick!)   And I have noticed an uptick on my stats.

I missed the opportunity to blog yesterday.  I think I will blame Coronavirus!  (Why not, it's for blame for everything else!)  It's not really the viruses fault, but I did actually write a blog post, it just wasn't for this website. It was for our school PTA website, which I manage and write for. (and by manage, I mean I'm the only one that knows how to get on it or use it-- which is something that I need to fix.)

The blog post is here:

So the question remains, do I still have a streak of writing every day, if it didn't appear on the blog?  Am I a failure?   I'd say yes (to having a streak, and no to being a failure.)

 I have ten or 15 projects, with blogs for a lot of them (and most of them are moribund.)  In my ideal world, I'd write a blog post on each of them, everyday, but I've got other stuff going on.

I do feel I need to get more methodical/systematic about writing, but it will come.  And as long as I'm writing everyday-- that's the real win!

This is a question that my doctor asked me regarding my working out streak (back when it was 60 days in a row)  "Are you doing it for the streak, or you doing it for you."

I mean the answer is a little bit of both, right?

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