Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hot Diggety Dog! National Hot Dog Day 2018

This was the sign in the dining room of Hot Doug's, Chicago's most celebrated
(and now lamented) Hot Dog Joint.
It's July 18, National Hot Dog Day!  It's usually celebrated on a Wednesday in July, and that Wednesday is today!

The hot dog is a Chicago signature food.  I've often thought about creating a review/rating site about Chicago Hot dog joints, and lo and behold, on searching for some deals for today's article, I found the website I wish I'd written.  It's out of date, and on further discovery, the founders live in Madison.  So, it's authenticity is in question.

Nevertheless, the content looks great, and they've got a fun style.

If you are looking for how to make a great Chicago style Hot Dog, Vienna Beef provides a great video:

Sign at the airport (Midway)
If you are looking for the redoubtable history of the weiner, look no further than here:

If you are looking for the list of America's best hot dogs, there are a number of competing lists.  There are usually a bunch of Chicago joints on there too.

Food and Wine List of Best Hot Dogs

The Daily Meal's 75 Best Hot Dog Places
(and Chicago Sun-Times shouts out the Chicago joints)

Thrillist's List of 21 great hot dogs in America

(This is just three of many lists)

And by the way, when in Chicago, it is NOT okay to put ketchup on a hot dog.  I personally think it tastes fine, but I prefer to obey all local laws.

If you are looking to celebrate the Tube Steak, many chains are offering deals of the day.  Not all of them are based in Chicago (list from USA-Today)

Here are a few deals of the day:

 Pilot Flying J  Download or open the myPilot app, and you'll have an offer waiting for you. It gets you a free hot dog or another item off the roller grill. That's it. Real easy.

Dog Haus: Download and register for the Dog Haus app and get a free Haus Dog if you're a new user. Only available on dine-in orders.

 Love's Travel Stops  Flash a barcode at the register, (available at the brand's social media channels) and get a free dog!

6 all the way. In Chicago that means onions, tomato, relish, sport pepper, pickle and celery salt on a Poppyseed bun.
7-Eleven  Pick up any of the convenience store's Big Bite hot dogs for a buck. That includes The Reaper, which is topped with a Carolina Reaper seasoning. Condiments like chili, cheese, pickles, onions, and relish are free.

Wienerschnitzel  It's an easy day to buy lunch for the office. You can grab five chili cheese dogs for just $5.

These are my favorite hot dogs.  New York System Hot dogs from the Olneyville WeinerMan in Providence RI.
The arm gives it a special flavor! Onion, mustard, meat sauce and celery salt. Wash it down with coffee milk!
Portillo's  Grab a pair of hot dogs for only $5 as Portillo's celebrates hot dogs all week long.

Hwy 55 From 2-5pm, you can get a 99-cent dog, reports WTKR.

Philly Pretzel Factory Grab a $1 pretzel dog all day long. Additionally, the first 100 people will get a card for a $1 pretzel dog every day in August.

And here is a pretty exhaustive photo of different styles of hot dog eating. Photo courtesy of Food Republic.  I would like to try them all!

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