Sunday, April 5, 2020

Twelve Years of Wedded Bliss!

Our wedding invitation, designed by Erminio Pinque.
Today is our anniversary of marriage.

12 years ago today, my wife and I rented out a former dance hall in Yonkers, gathered 150 of our closest friends, family members, and co-workers, went under the chuppa, got our rings out of a crackerjack box, and then we said "I do."   

I then crushed glass with my feet, in an ancient Jewish tradition.  (It's also a joke that this is the last time a man can put his foot down in the marriage!) 

 There was klezmer music, and food and wine flowed and so did some harder libations.   We had cake, and we invited people to come up and entertain us, which they did.

If you weren't there, you can still read about it, because the NYT was kind enough to write a feature article about it.

This is the start of the NYT feature article about our wedding.  READ THE REST

You can also see what we thought the day after the wedding, because the NYT also sent a videographer to do a little story.  (Sometimes, having a flea circus can be a positive!)

I'd be lying if I were saying it has been all bliss.  There's been plenty of dark moments, and frustrations, and moments of feeling terrible, and a fair amount of yelling on both of our sides.  But there's also been laughter, and engagement, and games, and fun, and moments of beautiful and strong connection and intimacy.

No one is perfect, least of all me.  I told my wife when we started that I didn't expect to have a 100% happiness level.   But I am very clear that there is no one else I'd rather be a partner with, and that somehow we can and will work through any and all hiccups, disagreements, and discouraging spells. 

It seems all a blur, being married, like it is both an immutable fact of life that has always been, and simultaneously like it just happened yesterday.  I'm guessing that 12 years from now I will feel similarly.  I sure hope so.
Now.  (Actually, last year.  We haven't been wearing fancy clothes lately.)

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